Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The mission of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program is to prepare our students for careers in their chosen area of specialization. As such, the program aims to provide quality instruction, advisory services and student support to ensure students achieve their goals and gain the knowledge and experience required to succeed in this demanding field.

The Program Educational Objectives of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program are closely aligned with Ilia University’s mission to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge to advance science and benefit society both, locally and globally. The program aspires to achieve a high level of internationalization and future cooperation between the graduates across borders.

Besides focusing on providing necessary professional skills to the graduate, the program delivers several courses to endow graduates with broad insight that would prepare them to function efficiently and live in harmony, in the society, in general. Some of these courses will enhance the critical thinking of the aspirants, and some will give a basic education in the field of natural sciences. With such broad background graduates will be well positioned to fill in the growing demand for problem solvers and leaders in the electrical engineering fields of microelectronics, signal processing, telecommunications, control and power engineering. To advance their job oriented skills, students will have an opportunity to develop their managerial and entrepreneurial skills that are instrumental to a successful professional career.

Within the program, fundamental courses in math, physics and statistics build to later courses in engineering design. The program is structured to ensure adequate incremental practical and theoretical knowledge in the field. Program graduates will be competitive professionals in Georgia or abroad in areas of project and engineering design and management. 

In addition, the program is oriented towards the development of transferable skills such as effective oral and written communication in at least one other non-native speaking language so as to develop multicultural awareness. We expect that our graduates will use these skills in whichever sector they consider advancing their careers, be it either in the private, government or educational.

2 reasons to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering program at Ilia State University:

  • Program provides broad general education supplementing technical subjects
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering program is equipped with Circuit Analysis, Digital Electronics and, Communications and Digital Signal Processing undergraduate labs for various courses. Dedicated lab space and equipment is available for senior students, working on their Capstone Projects.

Program Duration: 8 Semesters (240 credits).

Academic Degree: The Degree of Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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