Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

In today's world computers play significant role. Personal and server computers are their well know examples. Besides them, no lesser role is played by microcomputers, which control the operation of various devices and instruments. For example, mobile phones, digital cameras, television sets, washing machines, automobiles, medical instruments, airplanes, artificial satellites etc.

Bachelor's degree program in Computer Engineering at Ilia State University provides the student with the knowledge of the principles of digital computer operation. Student receives thorough theoretical background in math, physics, information theory, and architecture of microcomputers and microprocessors, as well as hands-on experience in electrical engineering and programming. Student can write software for microcontrollers and microprocessors, design and build medium-difficulty digital and hybrid circuits, as well as interface them with digital and analog sensors, and control devices.

Program Duration: 8 semesters (240 credits)

Academic Degree: The Degree of Bachelor of Computer Engineering

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