Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree Program in Computer Engineering

Program at a Glance

The bachelor's program in Computer Engineering at Ilia State University School of Technology was developed in 2018 based on the experience of the world’s leading educational institutions and Georgian universities, in close cooperation as well as private sector.

The aim of the program is to prepare highly qualified computer engineers who will be equipped with extensive knowledge in design, development and operation of computer hardware, as well as in the development of computer software.

To this end, it intends to well-pad its students with broad knowledge of computer hardware, electronic devices, their technical characteristics, and related physical processes, as well as computational and engineering skills for using various ways and methods for their improvement. At the same time, the program aims to develop the professional skills of the students that will allow them to have successful careers in computer engineering.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are:

  • To have a successful career, including leadership opportunities, in the computer engineering profession;
  • To solve advanced technological problems and become technical leaders in their field of specialization;
  • To continue learning through graduate courses, seminars, and research to stay current with the profession as it evolves and expands.


Career opportunities

  • High-Tech Companies;
  • Automotive Industry;
  • Manufacturing plants;
  • Computer and Electronics Service;
  • Smart systems;
  • IOT;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Medical and BioLabs;
  • Tech Startups;
  • Hardware R&D.


The Curriculum at a Glance

The curriculum of Computer Engineering is divided into 8 semesters and takes 4 years to complete.

8 Semesters, 244 ECTS (1 ECTS: 25 hours)

  • Free-elective Component: General Module – 82 ECTS;
  • Major - 162 ECTS (including 42 ECTS electives).

Academic Degree: The Degree of Bachelor of Computer Engineering


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