Bachelor’s Degree Program in Civil Engineering

Program at a Glance

The program aims to train highly qualified specialists in the field of engineering and focuses on areas of civil engineering such as water resources engineering, structural and geotechnical engineering, and transport engineering.

The mission of Civil Engineering at Ilia State University is to prepare our students for careers in their chosen area of specialization. As such, the program aims to provide quality instruction, advisory services, and student support to ensure students achieve their goals and gain the knowledge and experience required to succeed in the demanding field of civil engineering.

This program focuses on the delivery of interdisciplinary courses to create well-rounded holistic thinkers, problem solvers and future leaders in the civil engineering fields of water, transport, structural and geotechnical engineering. To complement the interdisciplinary learning promoted by this program, students will have the ability to take business administration courses to acquire managerial skills that are instrumental to a successful professional career.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are:

  • Graduates will collaborate in a team environment as a civil engineer;
  • Graduates will be ready for leadership roles within the civil engineering profession;
  • Graduates will pursue life-long learning in engineering which may include a graduate degree.


Career opportunities

Graduates of the Civil Engineering program can work in a variety of industries. Below is a non-comprehensive list:

  • Government infrastructure projects;
  • Private industry;
  • Construction and mining;
  • Roads and traffic industries;
  • Property and land development;
  • Consulting firms.


The Curriculum at a Glance

The curriculum of Civil Engineering is divided into 8 semesters and takes 4 years to complete.

8 Semesters, 252 ECTS (1 ECTS: 25 hours)

  • Maths, Physics and Chemistry – 60 ECTS;
  • General Education – 56 ECTS (including 24 ECTS of electives from business administration and natural sciences; minimum of 6 ECTS natural science and 6 ECTS business administration);
  • Major program – 136 ECTS (including 24 ECTS of electives).

Academic Degree: The Degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering


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