Visit of George Papuashvili Dean of Ilia State University in Kyiv


On October 2, Kyiv School of Economics was visited by George Papuashvili - Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Ilya State University and former President of the Constitutional Court of Georgia.

He delivered a lecture on the role of the Constitutional Court in ensuring effective protection of fundamental human rights. Ukraine and Georgia have many common challenges in terms of building capable and independent constitutional justice bodies. During the lecture and Q & A session there were discussions an opportunity to compare the experience of our countries and international practices and find ways to solve common problems.

On the 3rd of October, Dean of the Ilia State University Law school George Papuashvili visited National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and delivered a lecture “Constitutional court’s influence on national legislative development: case of Georgia” within the courses “Constitutional Law” and “Rule of Law and Constitutionalism: Modern Problems”.

On October 4 Ilia State University Law School Dean George Papuashvili visited Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University. Vice Rector of the University Ms. Kseniia Smirnova and relevant heads of the Law, International law and Public Administration departments took part in the meeting. Two Universities already have established partnership in different fields and have a special Memorandum of Cooperation. The participants discussed the possibilities of the expanding of the cooperation especially in legal field.

On October 4th, Dean George Papuashvili of Ilia State University Law School visited one of the leading think-tanks in Ukraine and the entire region, the Razumkov Centre. During his visit, he had a meeting with the President of the Centre, Mr. Yuriy Yakymenko, and senior legal scholars. They discussed security issues in Ukraine and the broader region, particularly in the context of the unprovoked full-fledged Russian military invasion in Ukraine.

The meeting also included discussions on the role of constitutionalism, national legal systems, and international law within the context of the security system. They reached an agreement on possible cooperation in joint legal research and the planning of various events.

On October 5 he met with the the President of the Academy Professor Serhii Kvit and with him and dean of the Law school Mr. Volodymyr Venher discussed the possibility and specific forms of closer cooperation between the 2 law schools as well as between both Universities.

On Friday, October 6, Dean of the Ilia State University Law School George Papuashvili took part in the II Mariupol Constitutional Forum “Visions of the Future: Constitutional Dimension of Ukraine's PostWar Recovery and European Integration” took place. The event was organized by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine together with the OSCE Support Program for Ukraine.

“Visions of the Future: Constitutional Dimension of Ukraine's PostWar Recovery and European Integration” took place. George Papuashvili also was a keynote speaker for the European Integration panel.


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