Two-week internship planned by the MEDIATS project in the Kingdom of the Netherlands has been concluded


The two-week internship has been completed within the framework of the ERASMUS + project: Mediation: training and society transformation / MEDIATS, in the city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands, for students of Private (Business) Law Master's Degree (Mediation Module).

Under the program, students were given an overview of each stage of the Mediation Pyramid, after which participants were introduced to each stage of mediation in detail. Also, lectures were held on the principles of mediation, introduction to the parties to the mediation agreement and the main features / attitudes of the mediator in the mediation process.

Students were lectured daily by current mediators Jan van Zwieten, Gea van Klompenburg and Marjon Kuipers.

In addition, students from Latvia and the Netherlands were trained by invited lecturers during the program. The lectures focused on the principle of cooperation and privacy between lawyers and mediators - (speaker Dana Rone) and Unravelling Dynamics in Mediation (speaker Mayke Smit).

Students also had the opportunity to learn about the rules and processes of conducting mediation in criminal cases. Trainings on this issue were conducted by Marlene Panis and Sandra Willems-Ruesink RIO.

During the internship, students had intensive daily role-plays based on the theoretical material they received and received feedback from experienced mediators.

The last day of the program was dedicated to the game - Your True Talent, in which the participants saw what positive and negative sides they would have as mediators in their relationship with the parties in the mediation process.

At the end of the internship, the participants were tested / evaluated, after which all four students of Iliauni School of Law received an international certificate.





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