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Inspirational Lecture Series in Anthropology


The Ph.D Program in Social and Cultural Anthropology is proud to inaugurate the Inspirational Lecture Series in Anthropology. The series will deal with different experiences of ethnographic fieldwork in various parts of the world while providing unique interpretations and perspectives about these experiences.

Participants of these lecture series will talk about what it means to be an ethnographer today, how to conduct fieldwork in sensitive places and regions, and the advantages of ethnographic methods not only in anthropology but also in social sciences in general.

The members of the International Advisory Board of the Ph.D Program in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Ilia State University will conduct the lectures.

We hope that these lectures will reflect the values of good anthropological research and inspire your own critical thinking and imagination.

Lecture Series Calendar 

October 26, 2020. 17:00.

“Anthropologies in, of, and from the Caucasus.” Bruce Grant, Professor, Chair of the Department of Anthropology, New York University (Areas of Research/Interest: Former Soviet Union, Siberia, the Caucasus; cultural history and politics, religion).

 October 27, 2020. 17:00.

Why is it Difficult to Study Citizenship in Azerbaijan? Socio-Anthropological Research Experience in the Border Zone”. Nino Aivazishvili-Gehne, Lecturer, Bochum University, Section of Social Psychology and Social Anthropology (Areas of Research/Interest: citizenship, minorities, anthropology of borders; Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Georgia).

 October 28, 2020. 17:00.

“An Accidental Ethnographer”. Paul Manning, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Trent University (Areas of Research/Interest: Linguistic anthropology, anthropology and history, semiotics (the study of signs), cartoons, urban anthropology, anthropology of romance, anthropology of politics, liberalism and neoliberalism, colonialism, anthropology of technology, nature, mining, landscape, and anthropology of the preternatural (fairies, pixies, monsters, occultism, theosophy).

 October 29, 2020. 17:00

“Making Fieldwork Work.” Anne Meneley, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Trent University (Areas of Research/Interest: Middle East, Arabia Peninsula, Italy; religion and world view, Islam, embodiment, gender, consumption, ethnographic methods, histories of anthropology).

October 30, 2020. 17:00.

„Recycling and Revisiting: On Monuments, Identity Politics, and Anthropological Analyses.“ Katrine Gotfredsen, Senior Lecturer, Malmo University, Caucasus Studies (Areas of Research/Interest: Political Transformations, uncertainty, religion, history, identity, morality, political forms and practices).

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