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Public Lecture “8 Habits of Successful People”


On May 28, at 15:00, the Austrian Library at Ilia State University will host a public lecture titled “8 Habits of Successful People.” The event is organized by Professor Philip Kim.

During the lecture, American professors from various universities will share with the audience the habits and philosophies that help them succeed in their endeavors.

The discussion will be held in a “roundtable/musical chairs” format, where presenters will be stationed in 4 tables (2 speakers each). Participants of this discussion session will join each table, listen to the speakers’ interesting presentations, and ask questions or share comments within 15 minutes. Then, the participants will move to the next stationed table. The roundtable/musical chair discussion session will take 60-90 minutes, and the remaining 30 minutes will be a Q&A session.


  • Anhua Chen BOS Harvard PhD candidate
  • Anne Shen Huang BOS MIT PhD candidate, Fulbright Scholar
  • Bumjoon Park BOS University of Maryland, dental
  • Charissa Shang BOS Harvard
  • Jay Hong Chew BOS Harvard
  • Jess Chi PHL Harvard, Boston University MD
  • John Woo DC Johns Hopkins PhD
  • Lydia He DC University of Maryland, PhD
  • Philip Kim PHL Harvard, Oxford, Penn PhD candidate

Working Language: English

Date and Time: May 28, 15:00 – 17:00 (2 hours)

Location: Ilia State University, Austrian Library (S507), 3 G. Tsereteli Street.

Attendance is free.


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