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School of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts and Sciences is one of the largest and most reputable faculties of ISU carrying out study programs on 4 different levels (Vocational, Bachelor's, Master's And Doctoral Studies). This faculty is particularly interesting for those who aspire to:

  • gain an insight into ongoing political, social and cultural processes in the modern world;
  • learn history, languages and traditions of foreign countries;
  • learn more about literature, art, theater and music;
  • teach and participate in development of younger generations;
  • obtain broader education since are undecided about which field of study they want to specialize in.

On the one hand, School of Arts and Sciences aims to provide students with an extensive education, develop their interdisciplinary outlook and ability to learn, understand, make well-reasoned conclusions, and update their knowledge quickly; on the other hand, it aims to give students comprehensive knowledge in their chosen field of study. Therefore, teaching methodology here is based on the principles of liberal education promoting the idea that students are free to choose their future professions, and precisely such an approach proves to be a key to success.

The programs of School of Arts and Sciences focus on maximum integration of teaching and research. The basis of achieving this ambitious but important goal, along with other contributing factors, is the internationally recognized academic staff of the faculty.

The programs of School of Arts and Sciences offer students the opportunity to be competitive on the labor market and accomplish their career goals.

Contact Information
➳ 32 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, Room N A204
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (200)

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