School of Business, Technology and Education ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Modern Architecture


Type of University Entrance Examination: interview and presenting portfolios
Conferred Academic Degree: Master of Architecture

Brief Description:

The Master’s degree program aims to equip MA students with an in-depth knowledge of the stages of the engineering design process so that by applying modern tendencies, they will excel  in performance of their duties and collaboration with specialists of related fields. The slogan of the academic program of architecture is “developing students into professionals. “

After completion of the program, graduates will know each and every stage of engineering design: they will be able not only develop ideas but also materialize them; they will get a profound knowledge of building and construction standards and will be able to apply “green” (eco-stable) architectural principles in engineering design.

Employment opportunities:

Master of Architecture can be employed in:

  • private architectural workshops;
  • development and construction companies;
  • state institutions.
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