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Type of University Entrance Examination: interview
Conferred Academic Degree: Master of Materials Science

Brief description:

The program aims to prepare specialists in accordance with the international standards in the modern materials science, get them familiarized with the technology of preparing new materials implemented in nanoelectronics and nanoengineering and the theoretical bases of this technology, which implies equipping them with practical and theoretical knowledge as well as that of computer modeling of technological processes. In addition, the program aims at developing communication skills, such as teamwork skills, the ability to prepare scientific reports and presentations, as well as skills for studying foreign language literature.

After the completion of the program, graduates will gain deep and systematic knowledge in the field of physics, as well as in the fields of nanoelectronics and nanoengineering, namely: the technology of forming nanostructure, quantum mesoscopic systems, micro and nanoelectronics, quantum equipment physics, analog and digital electronics, renewable energetics and other related fields.  Graduates will be able to analyze and comprehend the latest scientific ideas having emerged in these fields.

Employment opportunities:

Master of Materials Science can be employed in: 

  • high-tech technological and engineering industries, in different research institutions related to materials science nanoelectronics, nanoengineering and condensed matter physics;
  • educational institutions;
  • in different institutions specializing in the fields of materials science and engineering physics (IT and other technologies, electronics, sensors, etc.), as well as other fields (analytical services, science management, etc.);
  • potential employment centers _ high-tech companies, computer firms,  computer factories, Micro and Nanoelectronics Institute,  Tbilaviamsheni LLC, Metallurgical Institute, Institute of Physics, and educational  institutions or pursue their doctoral degrees.  


Contact details:

➳ Tbilisi, Cholokashvili Ave. 3/5

The Office of the Dean of Students - building H, room 119

☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (139)

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