Psychological Counseling Center for Iliauni Students - Mindfulness-Based Stress Regulation Program (MBSR)


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means non-judgmental attitude and focusing on what is happening in the present, it’s a state of being "here and now" that helps us to recognize our thoughts, feelings, and actions in the moment of emergence, without having to react automatically. It’s a form of meditation that helps a person to understand and see herself/himself as she/he is.

The exercises used during mindfulness aren’t a relaxation technique, nor a state of trance or an attempt to escape from reality. It is a means of self-regulation aimed at consciously managing thought processes and developing skills that ensure our physical and psychological well-being. The meditation exercises used in the sessions help to better understand oneself without illusions, assessments and/or contradictions.

What can we learn from the practice of mindfulness?

  • How to reduce stress levels;
  • The feeling of being "here and now";
  • Understand emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations;
  • Focus of attention;
  • Accept truth and reality without criticism;
  • Improve emotional state.

Group meetings consist of 8 sessions.

Meetings will be conducted via the online platform - ZOOM.

Number of participants: 10-12.

Duration of the meeting: 1.5-2 hours.

The mindfulness-based stress regulation group is not group therapy. You won't be obligated to talk about your difficulties and feelings, if you do not want to, although it is advisable to engage in the offered exercises.

In the case of participation, it is important not to miss meetings. The group will be closed and new members won't be added in the middle of the process.

If you’re suffering from prolonged stress or other common mental health problems (depressed mood, increased anxiety, difficulty adjusting, etc.), please sign up for an individual session (email us at

Group dates:

April 8, 15:00.
April 15, 15:00.
April 29, 15:00.
May 6, 15:00.
May 13, 15:00.
May 20, 15:00.
May 27, 15:00.
June 3, 15:00.

To sign up, please email us at, indicate the group name "MBSR" in the subject field. Registration will continue until April 1st, inclusive.

Year 2022

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