What is the HICD approach? How to improve institutional and individual performance


On April 1st, 17:00, USAID HICD Activity’s Facebook page will host the first HICD LiveSpace event. Our guests, organizational development experts Giorgi Simongulashvili and Eka Katamadze will discuss and explain the HICD model, our project’s signature method for performance improvement.

HICD LiveSpace is series of development talks featuring the country’s top business-consultants, field experts and members of academia to bring insights on the methods, tools, trends, and challenges in the fields of institutional and individual performance improvement.

The moderator of HICD LiveSpace events will be Sophie Kereselidze, HICD Activity’s communications specialist.

About our guest speakers:

George Simongulashvili has about 20 years’ executive management and consultancy experience in business development, strategy, organizational development, and corporate performance improvement. He has an educational background in Economics, Finance, and Management.

Eka Katamadze is an experienced organization development specialist and business analyst with more than 24 years of experience operating in governmental, financial, consulting, and education industries with about 10 years of experience providing consultancy service for private and Government institutions.


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