"Threatened wildlife of Arabia: challenges and efforts for long-term conservation


The topic of the lecture: "Threatened wildlife of Arabia: challenges and efforts for long-term conservation"
Speaker: M. Zafar-ul Islam

Brief details on Zafar
Zafar is working with the National Wildlife Research Center in Saudi Arabia as Field Research Director who is managing Re-introduction programs of threatened species including Arabian Oryx, Mountain and Sand gazelles, Arabian Ostrich, Houbara, Hares and Arabian Leopard. He is registered with Ilia State University since last year for his research on Arabian Leopard.

The wildlife of Saudi Arabia is substantial and varied. It has several geographic regions, each with a diversity of plants and animals adapted to their own particular habitats. As well as high mountains and deserts, there is a coastal plain and long coastline on the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea to the west and a rather shorter coastline on the Arabian Gulf to the east.Around 90 species of mammals have been recorded including Arabian Oryx, two species of gazelles (Sand and Mountain) and some of the larger mammals found here include the Arabian wolf, the Arabian red fox, the caracal, the striped hyena, the sand cat, the Rock hyrax, Cape hare and Honey Badger.
Among threatened species Arabian Leopard, Arabian Oryx, two species of gazelles are important.A total of 501 species of birds have been recorded and 52 of them are globally as well as regionally threatened and those include MacQueen’s bustard, Arabian bustard, Lappet-faced, Egyptian vultures and many eagles.
To restore threatened species from extinction Saudi Wildlife Authority started captive-breeding and re-introduction of these species.
Studies related to ecology and biology of species, movement and migration are also being studied.

Language: English

Date and Time: 18 April, 18:00

Venue: ISU, room E 207 (Cholokashvili Ave., 3/5),

All are welcome to attend the event.

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