Public Lecture from Professor Hans Ulrich "Sepp" Gumbrecht


On 22 October 2018, at 18:00, ISU Ligamus Book House will host Professor Hans Ulrich "Sepp" Gumbrecht’s public lecture called “Does Silicon Valley Have and Need An Epistemology? "
If Hegel was to re-appear in the 21st century to ask his obsessive question where does spirit dwell?, his attention would be captured by avant-garde engineers developing artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley. Being unable to fit within the established frames of thought, which most of us associate with philosophy, Silicon Valley inhabitants are obviously disregardful of traditionally-minded intellectuals.

However, do they need epistemological frames? What stands beyond their amazing and frightful fecundity?

About the speaker:
Hans Ulrich "Sepp" Gumbrecht , Honorary Doctor of the Ilia State University, is among the most influential literary and cultural theorists. Professor at Stanford University, he specializes in literature and philosophical traditions of France, Spain, Germany and Portugal. Gumbrecht is the author of The Powers of Philology (2003), In 1926: Living on the Edge of Time (1998), In Praise of Athletic Beauty (2006), Vom Leben Und Sterben Der Grossen Romanisten: Karl Vossler, Ernst Robert Curtius, Leo Spitzer, Erich Auerbach, Werner Krauss, Hanser (2002), Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey (2004) and many others that have been translated into different languages of the world.


Time: 22 October 2018, 18:00

Venue: Ligamus Book House, Ilia State University (32 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave.)

Attendance is free.

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