Public lecture called “Between Fear and Awe – the Soviet Union in the Modern Era“


On October 26, at 18:00, Professor at Humboldt University Jörg Baberowski will deliver a public lecture on the topic “Between Fear and Awe–the Soviet Union in the Modern Era “at G106 room of Ilia State University (ISU).

 Regarding the Speaker

Jörg Baberowski is a German historian and professor of East European History at Humboldt university of Berlin. He specializes in the era of Stalin, in particular, the history of violence of that era, genocide and terror again the eastern and central European people. The professor is also an author of a great number of books and articles. In 2012 Leipzig Book Festival, he was awarded a prize for his book called “The Burnt Land – Stalin’s Violent Government. “

Language: German with simultaneous interpretation being provided.

Date and Time: 26 October, 18:00

Venue: G106 room (G.Tsereteli Str. №1), ISU

All are welcome to attend the event. 

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