Public lecture by Dr. Rebekah Kim: Probing the Mysterious Relationship Between Chinese Characters and the Hebrew Bible


On 7 November 2018, Dr. Rebekah Kim of Harvard University will deliver a public lecture called Probing the Mysterious Relationship Between Chinese Characters and the Hebrew Bible at ISU B 201, at 17:00.

The exact origin of Chinese characters has long been a mystery and subject of much academic conjecture. However, it is commonly understood that these characters have a meaning and story which have survived the rigors of etymological developments through the ages.

Is there a common thread that ties together the Book of Genesis from the Hebrew Bible and Chinese characters? Did the obscure religion of a seemingly insignificant nation which lay between the great Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations have any impact on the language and culture of another ancient civilization in the East, separated by a distance of four thousand miles?

Dr. Rebekah will discuss the meaning behind different Chinese characters and explore the potential influence of the Hebraic religion and beliefs on these characters as adopted by the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages.

Lecture Purpose:

The purpose of this lecture is for students who are interested in linguistics and cross-cultural studies, as well as anyone interested in East Asian cultures and languages, to discover the potential linguistic link between the most influential literature of the Ancient Near East and the Far East Asian language with over 50,000 characters.

Time: 7 November 2018, 17:00

Venue: B 201 Ilia State University (32 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave.)

Working language: English

Scope of Audience: Open to all ISU students, as well as students from surrounding universities in Tbilisi. We will also have visitors from America and Korea.

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