Public Lecture by Dr. Lars Vigerland


On 13 November 2018, at 16:00, within the frames of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 (GEW 2018), Dr. Lars Vigerland of Södertörn University, Sweden, will deliver a public lecture at ISU IPO: How and Why Change an Enterprise from Private to Public.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Lars Vigerland is a senior lecturer and a researcher at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as a businessman, investor, consultant and a member of boards of several trusts of charitable and scientific organizations.

Dr. Vigerland teaches marketing, finance, research method and philosophy of science. His research interests are in the areas of real estate, banking and IPO (initial public offerings). He has recently been engaged in a new project on wine industry of Georgia. In the 1990s, Dr. Vigerland ran his own real estate development business with more than 100 residential and commercial tenants in Stockholm. Having successfully sold his real estate business to one of Sweden’s largest insurance companies in 2000, Dr. Vigerland has since then focused on investing in startups and small businesses.

Dr. Vigerland’s knowledge of and skills in both the academic field and entrepreneurship is somewhat unique within academia as well as in the business environment.

Language: English

Time: 13 November 2018, 16:00

Venue: Room E207, Ilia State University (3/5 Cholokashvili Ave.)

Attendance is free.



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