Programmes in the Danish School System fostering female entrepreneurs – Public Lecture by Anette Wahlgren Ipsen within Global Entrepreneurship Week


On November 15, at 16:00, within the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Danish lecturer of Pedagogy, Anette Wahlgren Ipsen, will deliver a public lecture on the topic “Programmes in the Danish School System fostering female entrepreneurs.”

The session will focus on how to teach and facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation among female pupils specifically in Teacher Education and Public Schools.

The Global development and cooperation between rapidly changing societies and nations demands new competencies. The future generations will have to be able to develop new connections between business, everyday day life and cultures. The schools play here a central role. The pupils in the schools today are the ones to create the coming society and they have to be educated to develop and possess future jobs and work places.  

The presenter will address issues like: how can we ask the good questions? How can we create space for reflections? What characterizes the good dialogue and cooperation? And how can we take actions on our ideas?

The workshop will be participant oriented and a variety of activities will be included.

Regarding the Presenter:

Anette Wahlgren Ipsen is a senior lecturer with degrees in pedagogy and general didactics, University College Capital, Campus Carlsberg, Teacher Education, Copenhagen; she is also a certificated coach in personal Development. Ms. Wahlgren Ipsen is lecturing in educational philosophy on all levels. In addition, she plans, develops and lectures at the New Nordic Module for Erasmus students and teaches refugees and immigrants in pedagogy and the Danish educational system.

Date and time: 15 November, 16:00

Venue: room G106, G. Tsereteli Str., #1, ISU

All are welcome to attend the event.

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