Presentation "Food Safety and Essentials of Risk Assessment"


On November 8 2018, at 11:00, Stylianos Koulouris, Scientific Cooperation Officer at European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), will deliver a presentation on Introduction to Food Safety and Risk Assessment at ISU G 106.

Stylianos Koulouris supervises European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme (EU-FORA) and is responsible for cooperation with EU neighborhood countries.

EFSA is a European agency funded by the European Union that operates independently of the European legislative and executive institutions (Commission, Council, Parliament) and EU Member States. EFSA was set up in 2002 following a series of food crises in the late 1990s to be a source of scientific advice and communication on risks associated with the food chain. The agency was legally established by the EU under the General Food Law - Regulation 178/2002.

The General Food Law created a European food safety system where responsibilities for risk assessment (science) and for risk management (policy) are kept separate. EFSA is responsible for the former area, and also has a duty to communicate its scientific findings to the public. Thanks to this system, European consumers are among the best protected and best informed in the world as regards risks in the food chain.

Language: English

Time:  8 November 2018, 11:00

Venue:  Room G106, Ilia State University (1 G. Tsereteli Str.)

Attendance is free.

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