Omics Data Integration – Tbilisi 2018


Omics Data Integration – Tbilisi 2018 is a two-day intensive course on the analysis of multi-omics data. An international panel of instructors will provide practical examples about how to analyze, visualize and integrate high-throughput biological data using the
R Statistical Software. Transcriptomics (RNA-seq), methylation (Methy-seq) and chromatin accessibility (ATAC-seq) data will be the focus of the course. 

The course offers several hands-on sessions, where attendees will be guided in solving real data-analysis challenges. At the end of the program the participants will be able to perform basic analyses on single omics data, and will know the main strategies for performing integrative analyses on the considered omics types.
Omics technologies allow us to investigate cellular mechanisms that are at the basis of all biological processes. Omics data have profoundly changed biology and biomedicine, fostering novel areas of research such as precision medicine.


David Gómez Cabrero, Head of the Translation Bioinformatics Unit, Navarrabiomed, Pamplona, Spain.
Núria Planell Picola, Bioinformatician, Translation Bioinformatics Unit, Navarrabiomed, Pamplona, Spain.
Vincenzo Lagani, Associate Professor in Bioinformatics, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The following prerequisites are recommended.

• Knowledge of basic cellular processes: RNA transcription and epigenetics mechanisms. Preliminary material will be made available before the course for attendees without background in biology.
• Basic experience in programming, preferably in the R language. Participants without programming skills will be able to understand the concepts and ideas presented in the course. To benefit from the hands-on sessions, participants without experience in programming should consider learning the basics of the R language: a four-hour course about R is offered for free in DataCamp.
• Participants should bring their own laptops.

Omics Data Integration – Tbilisi 2018 as a Mirror Event

The Omics Data Integration – Tbilisi 2018 course is a mirror event of the STATegra Summer School on NGS and Data Integration held in Navarrabiomed between 24 and 28 September, 2018.

The idea behind Espurna2K mirror events is to replicate high-level educational initiatives in locations that are outside the circuits where such initiatives are usually held. The scope of mirror events is to maximize the dissemination of knowledge, sparkling virtuous processes that should produce self-sustainable communities of interest on highly specialized topics.

Venue: Ilia State University, Room E207, 3/5 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Ave., Tbilisi, Georgia

Dates: 26 and 27 November, 2018

Fee: the course is free of charge.

Registration: candidates shall apply online through this form not later than the 18th of November, 2018. Participants will be selected based on eligibility: priority will be given to the candidates whose profile better matches the course requirements.



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