Iranian Documentary Film Day


On December 24, Ilia State University will host an Iranian documentary film day organized by the Caucasus Studies Institute of the University of Tehran. Senior Researcher/Archaeologist Anahita Shahrokhi and Regional Director Hamed Kazemzadeh will represent the institute. Iranian documentary and art films will be screened at the event.

1. Social Documentary films: (11:00-13:45)


  • Seven Visually Impaired Camerawomen


Director: Mohamad Shirvani

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

Description: A group of sightless women were taught the basics of filmmaking in a workshop under the supervision of Mohamad Shirvani, and learnt how to portray their surroundings with small digital cameras and without getting help from the sighted people. The result of this experience is short documentary films shot and directed by the people we consider unable to see.


  1. Taking to the wall ( Sara Parto)
  2. Death of the Witness ( Shokoofe Davarnejad)
  3. Path of Life ( Narges Haqiqat)
  4. Last Night Notes (Banafshe Ahmadi)
  5. Burning Fire (Mhdis Elahi)
  6. Good Night (Naghmeh Afiyat)
  7. Love (Neda Haqiqat)



  • Off Beat


Director: Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Language: Persian, Subtitle: English

Description: About underground music in Iran, problems and limitations

2. Historical, Archeological and Cultural Documentary Film


  • Iran, A revolution Cinematography


Director: Nader T. Homayoun, Language: English, Persian,  Subtitle: English

The film is about the history of the cinema in Iran (Before and After Iran revolution in 1978).


  • Kal Jeni


Director: Mohammad Moqadam

Language: Persian

Subtitles: English

This movie is about an expedition in an area called kal-jeni in the center of Iran by a documentary filmmaker who tries to somehow clear an Archaeological question.


  • Sara Khatoon


Director: Mahmoud Kiani Flavarjoni

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

This movie is about a historical and religious place in the center of Iran near Isfahan, the place use by Jewish and Muslim in the same time. This place is one of the most important pilgrims for Jews. 


  • Var Jam


Director: Mohammad Moqadam

Language: Persian

Subtitle:  English

This movie is about the history of excavation and the relation of archeological found with historical and literal sources.


  • Persepolis Recreated


Director: Farzin Rezaeian

Language: English, Persian

Subtitle: English

Culture and History of the Ancient Iran in the Achameniand Empire with virtual reconstruction of Persepolis.

3. Iranian Music Clip-For Yalda Night Celebration (The Longest Night of the year).

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