"Georgian Poem. Structure and Semantics" - The Presentation of Tamar Lomidze's Monograph


The book house “Ligamus” will host the presentation of the monograph “Georgian Poem. Structure and Semantics” (Tbilisi: TSU Publishing House, 2021) by Tamar Lomidze, visiting professor of Ilia State University, on March 10, at 18:00.

About the monograph

The monograph consists of three chapters:

  • For the first time, the influence of Neoplatonic philosophy on Chakhrukhadze's laudatory poem “Tamariani”, the monument of Georgian literature of the 12th century, has been studied;
  • The interrelationship of metric and natural accentuation in Shota Rustaveli's “The Knight in the Panther's Skin” is discussed. It is concluded that the metric accentuation of “The Knight in the Panther's Skin” was formed on the basis of the archaic linguistic accentuation, which determined its function within the framework of syllabic-tonal composition;
  • The formal-semantic features of the genre of Georgian poem versifying alphabet of the XVII-XVIII centuries are investigated and it is substantiated that they correspond to the main characteristics of the so-called “The Classical Episteme” (M. Foucault).

Working language: Georgian

Time: March 10, 18:00

Location: Book House “Ligamus”, I. Chavchavadze Ave. N32

Attendance is free.


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