Biological invasion in aquatic environment


Description of the topic

Globalization of the world brings many benefits, but it is also a source of many problems. The transport of plants and animals, whether intended or unintended, involves the risk of biological invasions. Non-native species in places of their introduction may cause threat to biodiversity, but also may have negative impact on agriculture as well as on aquaculture. Professor Kalous speech will focused on the risk of biological invasion in the aquatic environment with presentations of examples from Czechia.

Description of the presenter

Lukáš Kalous is an Associate Professor at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and the member of the board of European Ichthyological Society. He teaches subjects like Aquaculture, Fish systematics or Fisheries. His specialization are the risks associated with non-native species in the aquatic environment, especially fish. He tries to examine research issues broadly including disciplines such as genetics, ecology or socio-economics. For a long time he is involved in the study of successful invader, fishes of the genus Carassius.


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