Visit of the senior pupils of the 177th school to the SALIS laboratory


Pupils of the 10th and 11th grades of the 177th school (physics teacher Inga Navdarashvili) visited the SALiS laboratory within the “Natural Science Laboratory for Pupils” project SPG-19-714, which is funded by the Rustaveli National Science Foundation and implemented by the Natural Science Education Research Center SALIS.

In the laboratory, students conducted experiments in physics using sensor technologies, got acquainted with the methodology of conducting practical research in natural sciences. Several research modules were prepared and conducted both for the students of the primary level of natural science, as well as for the pupils of the basic and secondary levels of physics.

The sessions conducted at the SALiS laboratory showed that pupils are very interested in such work. During such sessions, they are in the role of scientists and often discover unknown phenomena, learn how science works.

The project will make a significant contribution to the professional development of teachers. Natural science teachers, who will come to our laboratory with their students, will also participate in this process, learn about various types of interesting experiments, as well as modern approaches to teaching and learning, which they will introduce into practice and which, in turn, will lead to a long-term perspective of popularization of science.

The project is also important in that the students of Ilia State University lead both natural science and physics laboratory works.


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