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Professor Bharat Ratra's Scientific Seminar " Spatial Curvature, Dark Energy Dynamics, Neither, or Both”


On December 12, at 17:00, a scientific seminar by Professor Bharat Ratra of Kansas State University will be held in Auditorium G106 of Ilia State University; the seminar topic: "Spatial Curvature, Dark Energy Dynamics, Neither, or Both”.

A brief overview of the topic

Observations over the last two decades have persuaded cosmologists that (as yet only indirectly detected) dark energy is by far the main component of the energy budget of the current universe. Prof. Ratra will review a few simple dark energy models and compare their predictions to observational data to derive dark energy model-parameter constraints and test the consistency of different data sets. The report will conclude with a list of open cosmological questions.

About Author

Bharat Ratra, a distinguished professor of physics, works in the areas of cosmology and astroparticle physics. He researches the structure and evolution of the universe. Two of his current principal interests are developing models for large-scale matter and radiation distributions in the universe and testing these models by comparing predictions to observational data.

Working language: English

Time: December 12, 17:00

Location: Ilia State University, G106 Auditorium, G. Tsereteli st. N1

Attendance is free.


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