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ISU Offers Training in DevOps, DataOps and CloudOps with USAID support


With the support of the USAID Economic Security Programme Training for Life (T4L) Industry-Led Workforce Development, ISU is launching a series of advanced technology training. The project will allow 120 beginning developers to upgrade their skills in the three most demanded areas of information technology: DevOps, DataOps and Cloud Computing.

Participants will also benefit from training in career development, which will place emphasis on job opportunities for developers in Georgia and abroad. Trainees will also have a chance to meet representatives of leading IT companies and take part in career forums.

Together with partner IT companies, ISU will offer paid and unpaid internships to training participants.

The USAID Economic Security Programme seeks to encourage the development of sectors that have a strong potential to create jobs and increase incomes and revenues, as well as to support diversification to more productive economic activities.  DevOps, DataOps  and Cloud Computing, which imply automation of developer processes and data analyses and the use of cloud infrastructure, are becoming increasingly important for IT systems. There is a growing demand for developers specializing in these areas, with highly-paid jobs being available both in Georgia and abroad. The project will further support the ISU programmes aimed at advancing IT ecosystem development in Georgia.

Participants selected in the first round will receive free training. Information on admissions will soon be posted on the ISU School of Technologies page:


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