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Codecademy Meeting: Generating Keywords for Google Ads Using Panda


Tbilisi Machine Learning / AI Codecademy Chapter is organizing event on Generating Keywords for Google Ads Using Pandas, in partnership with the School of Technology Ilia State University.

Ever wondered how you can use data science in an ad campaign? If yes, then this event is made for you.

We'll go through every step to create an automated algorithm that generates Google Ads keywords.

What you should know before registration:

  • Basic understanding of Pandas Module and Python is required
  • Events are recorded and uploaded to our Youtube channel

Speaker and moderator: Negar Vahid - Codecademy Chapter Leader; Google Developer Student Club Mentor

Meeting language: English

Date: Monday, December 6, 6:00 PM


Codecademy Tbilisi Discord Community:

Codecademy Tbilisi YouTube channel:


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