liauni and SDSU-Georgia hold Topping Out Ceremony to celebrate completion of carcass of new academic building


On January 29, Ilia State University and San Diego State University Georgia - International Office held the Topping Out Ceremony to celebrate the completion of a carcass of the new academic building. 

Construction of Ilia State University 4890 m2 Technology Building started in the vicinity of Vake Park at Cholokashvili Str. in June 2017. 

The carcass of the building has been completed, with the construction works being financed by Ilia State University and refurbishment and equipment-related expenses being covered by The Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia, within the framework of the U.S. Government Millennium Challenge Compact. 

The building is set to be equipped with the latest technologies; SDSU Georgia auditoriums, work spaces, electrical engineering and construction engineering laboratories will be available on the second floor of the building.

The event will be attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Mikheil Chkekeli, Deputy Vice-President of The Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia, Lona Stoll, Rector of Tbilisi State University Giorgi Sharvahidze and other guests. 

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