Presentation of Zura Jishkariani's guide "AIA’’


On December 20, at 17:00 p.m., the presentation of Zura Jishkariani's guide "AIA" will be held at Ilia State University. The book is about the past, present and imaginary future of Colchis.

The author was consulted by an interdisciplinary team of scientists while working on the book. The edition incorporates ,,Augmented Reality’’ (AR) of the graphic samples.

The guide was published by Ilia State University Press with the support of USAID / Zrda.

About the guide

The guide includes the history of Colchis, myths and deities, a description of the recent past, flora and fauna and the Academy of the Future Phasis, where Georgian-made androids talk about the ancient Colchian saga.

In addition to the writer, a group of scientists, 3D designers and programmers worked on it.

The book contains graphic samples of "Augmented Reality" (AR), which can be viewed through a mobile application created for publication.

To install the app, the reader can scan the QR code, then view the graphic samples and follow the instructions. The technology used in the book is intended for a wide audience and tourists.

While working on the project, the author was consulted by a group of scientists:

  • Nino Doborjginidze, Professor in the direction of Language and Literature, Ilia State University
  • Rusudan Tsanava, Associate Professor, Institute of Classical Philology, Byzantine and Neo-Greek Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Natia Kopaliani, Professor of Animal Behavior Ecology and Conservation Biology, Ilia State University
  • Guram Kipiani, Emeritus Professor in the direction of Archeology, Ilia State University
  • Davit Tarkhnishvili, Professor in the direction of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, Ilia State University
  • Lekso Gavashelishvili, Professor in the direction of Ecology and Conservation Biology, Ilia State University
  • Levan Berdzenishvili, Professor in the direction of Classical Philology, Ilia State University
  • Zurab Javakhishvili, Associate Professor in the direction of Ecology, Conservation Biology and Natural Resources Management, Ilia State University
  • Zurab Gurielidze, Professor in the direction of Conservation Biology and Population Ecology, Ilia State University

Time: December 20, 17:00 p.m.

Format: Remote, platform using zoom

Meeting link:

2021 year

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