International Ranking

International Ranking

Ranking Web of World Universities – is a ranking system of world universities, based on annual assessments. Over 12,000 world institutions of higher education are rated. 

One of the important criteria used for ranking purposes is the visibility of a university in cyber space.  Visibility is measured according to how frequently the information published on the university web site is used and how actively an university’s professors and researchers are represented on the Internet in a professional context. 

The fact that Ilia State is ranked number one in this system, amongst Georgian universities, means that academic work done at the university and the information it disseminates is in high demand.

The indicators used in this system do not take into consideration the number of unique visitors to the university web site or its design. Instead it is based on the accomplishments of the university, like the rating of the citations of the university faculty and their publications, as well as visibility.

According to the 2014 results of the Ranking Web of World Universities, Ilia State is the number one ranked university in Georgia, 2204th ranked amongst world’s 12000 universities, and is on 149th place among the regional universities of central and Eastern Europe.   

In 2014, for the first time, Ilia State also participated in the rating of repositories and was rated as the number one university in Georgia and 1356th in the world.

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