Psychological Counseling Center for Iliauni Students - Stress Management Group


If you are experiencing emotional and/or physical tension that may be triggered by any event or thought, which in turn makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous, then this group may help you.

We will discuss the following issues in the group:

  • Stress and reactions to stress;
  • Causes and consequences of stress;
  • Stress management techniques.

Group meetings consist of 6 sessions.

Meetings will be conducted via the online platform - ZOOM.

Number of participants: 10-12.

Duration of each meeting: 1.5-2 hours.

Group Leader: Anna Meunargia, Psycho-consultant at the Psychological Counseling Center for students.

The stress management group is not group therapy. You won't be obligated to talk about your difficulties and feelings, if you do not want to, although it is advisable to engage in the offered exercises.

In the case of participation, it is important not to miss meetings. The group will be closed and new members won't be added in the middle of the process.

If you're suffering from prolonged stress or other common mental health problems (depressed mood, increased anxiety, difficulty adjusting, etc.), please sign up for an individual session (email us at

Group dates:

April 8, 18:00.
April 15, 18:00.
April 29, 18:00.
May 6, 18:00.
May 13, 18:00.
May 20, 18:00.

To sign up, please email us at, indicate the group name "Stress Management Group" in the subject field. Registration will continue until April 1st, inclusive.

Year 2022


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