Ilia State University (ISU) arranges a literary contest to discover the best Georgian novel published in 2016.

The winner of the contest will be awarded a pecuniary prize of 10,000 GEL, the most prestigious literary award in Georgia. According to the terms and conditions of the contest, literary works must be published in 2016, with authors being granted the opportunity to present a number of works.

The information regarding the composition of jury is confidential. The members of the jury are the professors and students of ISU.

History of Iliauni Literary Contest

The Literary Contest of ISU has existed for as long as 7 years. In 2010, the academic board of the university made a decision to foster the development of novel writing practice in Georgia through introducing a literary award for the best novel.

By 2014, 5 nominees had been awarded the prize. In 2010, the prize was granted to Aka Morchiladze for her novel “Mamluki”, while in 2011, Zaza Burchuladze received the same prize for his “Inflatable Angel.” In 2012, the prize was not issued; however, in 2013, the pecuniary award was shared by Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili for her novel “Who Killed Chaika” and Jaba Zarkua for his novel “Readers Must Die.” In 2015, the lucky winner of the same literary award proved to be Nana Ekvtimishvili for her novel “The Field of Pears.”

General Conditions of Participation in Literary Contests of 2016

Novels must be published in 2016 for the first time;

Books must be presented by publishing houses of authors;

Applications can be submitted from February 1, 2017 to March 1 to the chancellery of ISU (Kautsa Cholokashvili Ave., #3/5, Tbilisi). 3 copies of the book must be provided together with the application. 

The winner will be announced in May, 2017.

The winner will be awarded a pecuniary prize of 10, 000 GEL.

ISU wishes you success! 


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