Unimarket: Stand With Ukraine


Ilia State University will host the #StandWithUkraine Unimarket in support of Ukraine on Thursday, March 3, from 13:00 to 19:00.

At the Unimarket, anyone interested will have the opportunity to:

  • put any amount of donation in the charity box;
  • buy interesting items, publications, which our students and lecturers will put up for sale as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people;
  • register as a Unimarket participant, request inventory support from us, sell items, and place the proceeds in a donation charity box.

The administration of Ilia State University will use the money raised to buy the necessary medicines, medical equipment and provide their transportation in support of the Ukrainians.

If you want to sell items at the Unimarket and support Ukraine this way, fill out the application and we will arrange space according to your needs.

The application is available at the link:

The cafeteria "Unifood" at Ilia State University will provide the Unimarket participants with coffee and tea.

#Together #AgainstTheAggressionOfRussia #InSupportOfUkraine

Location: Adjacent area of Iliauni A building (N32 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave.)

For additional questions

577 53 02 20



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