Public Lectures by Murman Margvelashvili, Associate Professor of the Ilia State University, and Davit Chkhaidze, Invited Lecturer at the School of Technology


Associate Professor Murman Margvelashvili and Invited Lecturer Davit Chkhaidze from the School of Technology at Ilia State University will give public lectures on June 7 in Auditorium T302. The lectures are part of the weekly seminar series for the spring semester of the School of Technology. 

At 17:00, Associate Professor Murman Margvelashvili will deliver a public lecture on "Green Hydrogen, its Role in the Global Energy Transition and the Prospects for Georgia."

The speaker will cover the potential role of green hydrogen in global efforts to combat climate change, the technical and economic characteristics of modern hydrogen production and consumption technologies, current processes both globally and regionally, regulatory aspects, and prospects for the production and consumption of hydrogen and its derivatives in Georgia.

At 17:40, Davit Chkhaidze, an invited lecturer from the School of Technology, will give a public lecture titled "SDTx—Software-Defined RF Transmitter."

The seminar will present a new radio communication device developed by the School of Technology: STDx - Software Defined Radio Transmitters.

Working Language: Georgian

Date and Time: June7, 17:00, 17:40

Location: Ilia State University, Auditorium T302,  N3/5 K. Cholokashvili Ave.

Attendance is free.


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