The startup established by Tini Mamuchashvili, the manager of ZOOMOUT of Ilia State University, and her team is one of the winners of the 150 000GEL co-financing grant program of NEUROPILOT GITA


Startup NEUROPILOT is the introduction of a unique authorial method of managing anxiety in athletes using digital and virtual technologies.

NEUROPILOT team members are:

  • Maia Tskitishvili, practicing psychologist, psychotherapist with 21 years of experience. The author of “The Desire Therapy”. She discovered the therapeutic method 4 years ago to overcome her own problem and has since successfully used it in therapeutic practice;
  • Tini Mamuchashvili, the manager of Zoomout of Ilia State University, European Regional Manager of Global Startup and Community Organization. Over the course of 4 years, she has helped develop many startups, connect with investors and organize regional tech conferences across China, Europe, South Africa and the United States;
  • Ani Mamuchashvili, Surgeon-Resident and Head of Research;
  • Nikoloz Gogochuri and Nika Rostomashvili, entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience and founders of VRex Immersive. VRex Immersive is one of the most experienced teams in the world in creating VR applications, which has been working on virtual reality applications since 2014.

Since 2018, psychotherapist Maia Tskitishvili has been working with the therapeutic method “The Desire Therapy”, which was created by her. “Create a Better Reality” is a book about the method that has been on sale on Amazon since 2020. In 2021, the NEUROPILOT team underwent the Impact Hub pre-acceleration program, after which, they received a Gita prototype grant and created a test version of the mobile app the same year. In June 2022, the team received a 150,000GEL co-financing grant from the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology to develop the mobile application and installing the VR technology.

Within the framework of the grant, primary experiments will be conducted, which will generate the first customers and initial income.

The information obtained through the experiments will help the team to refine the product in such a way that its marketing will be much faster, less costly and more profitable. The main goal of the first phase is to make a decision that will be large-scale on the international market in the fields of professional sports, expressive arts and e-sports.


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