The startup established by computer engineering students of Ilia State University is one of the winners of the 150 000GEL co-financing grant program of PYME GITA


Bilal and Saleh are founders of startup Pyme, at the same time they are students in Computer Engineering undergraduate program, at Ilia State University.

Bilal’s passion is E-commerce platforms; he is a last year's student in the Computer Engineering program. He has three years of experience in Web Development and Team Management.

Saleh is in his second year of studies in the same program and has two years of experience in Full Stack Development.

Pyme is a recruitment platform based on Web3 concepts, which is the internet's future. Team plans to launch and extend the platform with many features, such as social media profiles, educational resources, and courses. The platform will help people, who are interested in Web 3, to stay connected.

Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency announced the eighth call for startups on March 9, 2022. For this call, the co-funding amount has been increased from 100 000 GEL to 150 000 GEL. Pyme is one of the winners among 135 contestant startups.


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