Two students from University of East srajevo (UES) visited Portugal as part of the ERASMUS + ABC project from May 27 to June 7. 2019. They visited the Universities and Clinics in Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra and Lousu. In the first week, Professor Andre Araujo was a mentor to students during their stay at the Universidad Politehnico de Porto. In Porto, students had a workshop called "Teaching and Interpersonal Relations" held by Prof. Brigida Patricio and prof. Andre Araujo. They visited the school "Agrupamento de Escolas Eugenio de Andrade", had a lecture at the University of the Polytechnic de Porto about disorders of voice and multidimensional voice assessment. They visited the IPA (Portuguese Afasia Institute), Institute for Cerebral Palsy - Porto Cerebral Palsy Association, had a lecture on assistive and augmentative technology, and participated in a workshop called Workshop on reflective thinking. In the second week they visited the University of Aveiro where their mentors were Prof. Isabel Monteiro and prof. Assuncao Matos. They had video presentation on fluoroscopy. In Coimbra, a student visited the Physical Rehabilitation Service in Central Hospital, where they attended video fluoroscopy and interviewed patients with aphasia for group treatment with speech langue therapist Brito Largo. They also visited the Cohlear Implants Center, visited an inclusive elementary school in Lousu, and attended a presentation by Prof. Joao Canossa Dias (in collaboration with ARCIL) “Prevention in Early intervention settings” and a workshop on prevention of reading and writing difficulties in preschool children. At University of Aveiro they attended a lecture about children with cochlear implants with Professor Isabel Monteiro, and a workshop "How to choose books for children?" (Prof. Isabel M. and Joao C.D.) which was held in one of the city's libraries. The last day was scheduled for the evaluation of the entire stay.

The students were very pleased with the organization, the knowledge they gained, the commitment of all professors and the exchange of experiences with students from other countries. We and our students  are very thankful to our colleagues from Portugal. 

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