Project Iliauni+: Admission to fully funded remote courses of UniLab


Ilia State University with Cyber Laboratory UniLab of Iliauni announces the selection competition for the participants of the project “Iliauni+” for the fall semester.

The project is only intended for students and graduates of Ilia State University.

Students selected through the competition will receive full funding from the university and will attend one of the courses of the Cyber Laboratory UniLab of Iliauni.

List of Courses:

Duration and Stages of the project

The duration of each course is 3 months.

The project will traditionally be implemented in two stages – (1) practical courses for students and (2) actual project work.

The first stage

Theoretical training for 2 months - participants go through the study topics provided by the syllabus and complete practical tasks.

The lecture meetings stipulated by the syllabus will be held 2 times a week, in the evening hours, and their duration will be 2 hours. A total of 16 lecture meetings in remote format.

At the end of the course, each student will complete a final project. If the project is successfully completed, he/she will move to the second stage.

The second stage

The second stage of the project involves the implementation of a real project based on the knowledge acquired within the course.

The participants who passed to the second stage will create and implement real projects.

The project can be presented in the following categories:

  • Web project
  • Digital campaign
  • Website

Ilia State University will give a scholarship voucher to the authors of the best projects and will support the further development of the selected projects.

Who can participate in the project?

Students of any field with an active status of bachelor's and master's level of Ilia State University and graduates of Ilia State University can participate in the project.

Who will teach me?

Digital Communications: Mari Mikhanashvili, Keto Akhvlediani

  • Mari Mikhanashvili – Content Creator of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Since 2021, she has been a marketing and communications specialist at the cyber laboratory Unilab of Iliauni, as well as a lecturer of the Basic Computer Skills courses of the Ilia State University and Open Society Foundation Georgia project. Visiting lecturer at Ilia State University for the course: Social Media Marketing.
  • Keto Akhvlediani – Senior Advertiser of Creative Agency Leavingstone. GeoLab and UniLab Lecturer in Social Media Management and Digital Marketing in Advertising from 2020 to date. She is a Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads certified digital marketer since 2020.

Narrative Design: Mariam Gochiashvili - Narrative Designer and Project Manager. Head of Narrative Design Program at UniLab, Senior Narrative Designer at Anima Chatbotics and Ministry of Education. She is currently employed by the Internet magazine Marketer.

Graphic Design: Marisha Arabuli – Multimedia Designer. She graduated from the Faculty of Multimedia of the State Art Academy. She is a certified member of Adobe. She works as a graphic designer at the Ministry of Education.

Front-End: Grigori Khundadze, Luka Bliadze.

  • Grigori Khundadze – Front-End Developer. He passed HTML5, CSS3 course in Geolab in 2020, JavaScript (Angular 2+) course in 2021. The same year, he worked in the company “Stars Georgia” as a Front-End developer. He has completed the UniLab internship program. He works on various projects as a freelancer.
  • Luka Bliadze – Front-End Developer. He is studying computer engineering at Ilia State University. He started studying programming in 2019, completed the Front-End course and the internship program at the cyber laboratory UniLab of Iliauni in 2020. He is a React.js, Typescript Enthusiast. He works on various projects as a freelancer.

Python: Davit Chincharashvili – Full Stack Developer with 9 years of work experience. Basic programming languages: Python, PHP and JavaScript. He is currently working as a web developer in National Archives of Georgia.

WordPress: Revi Kurashvili – WordPress Developer. He became interested in creating websites at the age of 15 and started making them using DLE (DataLife Engine) and Joomla. From this time, he began to study the field of IT independently. Today, he mainly works as a freelancer.

ICT Project Management: Lalu Jikidze – Lecturer of the course in ICT Project Management and Project Manager. Since 2021, she has been the manager of coordination between projects and teams at UniLab.  She has worked as a marketing manager in private companies at different times; She delivered lectures at various private schools and universities. She conducts trainings for private companies and non-governmental organizations.

PHP: Sofo Kemashvili - Lecturer of the course in PHP Programming of UniLab and head of the same field. In 2014-2016, she worked as a web tester and content manager in the design company “Connect”. She has started analyzing php, mysql, laravel framework from 2016 and works mostly as a freelancer with “Studio 110”.

How can I participate in the project?

To participate in the project, you need to fill out the application form and complete the test task given in the form by January 6, 2023. After successfully completing the task, the candidates will go through the next selection stages. Ilia State University will fully finance the cost of the course for the selected candidates.

Application Forms of the Courses

To register for the desired field, choose one that interests you and fill out the following application form:

Why should I participate in the project?

Participation in the project gives you the opportunity to:

  • use the theoretical knowledge gained in the project for the implementation of a real project;
  • master the profession of the future, which will help you become a freelancer or be employed in any company;
  • get a scholarship or project support.

About the “Iliauni+” project

The “Iliauni+” project has been implemented since 2015 at the initiative of the Public Relations Office and in cooperation with the Department of Student Affairs to promote the career development of students at Ilia State University.

At the initial stage, the project offered Iliauni students the opportunity to gain work experience and knowledge in the format of unpaid internships with the involvement of the employees of Public Relations Office in such areas as: Digital Communications, Event Management, Marketing activities, etc. The best participants of the project went through a 6-month paid internship at the same service.

In the autumn semester of 2019, the project was implemented with a changed concept and in cooperation with Evex. The students of Ilia State University had the opportunity to obtain funding and master the following modern fields in accordance with their interests from practical lecturers in the format of 3-month practical courses: Graphic Design, Front-End Programming, WordPress Development, Digital Marketing.

After completing the teaching part, they worked on real projects. Authors of the best projects were awarded with scholarship vouchers.

Since Ilia State University founded the Cyber Laboratory UniLab in 2020, the project has been implemented every semester with the participation of practical mentors of UniLab, and the number of courses offered to Iliauni students has been increasing every year.

In the fall semester of 2021, the number of practical courses offered by Cyber Laboratory UniLab of Iliauni has increased to 8 (Digital Communications, Practical Course in Narrative Design, Graphic Design, Front-End (html, css) and Basics of UX Design, Python Development, WordPress Development, ICT Project Management). Graduates of the university will have the opportunity to participate in the project with students of Iliauni who have an active status.

From 2015 till today, the project has had more than 600 beneficiaries.

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