Learn English Select


We would like to introduce you exclusive and highly interesting offer.

This is an opportunity offered by Ilia State University in cooperation with the British Council. 

The course name is: The English Select

Learn English Select is a flexible online English course for students and professionals who want to take their career to the next level and who want to study when and where they choose. 

Learn English Select will help learners when applying for jobs, preparing for an interview, and asking and answering questions in an interview.

The course is implemented within the ,,Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Program” and is fully funded by the British Council.

The course is intended for any age, faculty or degree student, academic personnel or administration staff. 

Advantages of the proposed course:

  • Flexible schedule of time, which is fully adapted to the interest of the course participant. The beneficiary plans the course and choose the desired time by his/her own.
  • Distance Learning Method.
  • Focusing on practical use of language that is accomplished through practical exercises developed by the British Council that ensure a balance of activities and exercises to develop grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as key skills, for the world of work.

After completion of the course the beneficiaries will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in a range of business situations, including meetings, talks and presentations.
  • Apply for a job and prepare yourself for the interview.
  • Network with other professionals from diverse fields.

Course Levels and Duration:

At each level, tutor videos guide learner through the materials, explain key language and grammar points, and give the vocabulary that can be used in everyday business life.

The course offers real, authentic workplace scenarios.

Levels available are:

  • Learn English Select Beginner
  • Learn English Select Elementary
  • Learn English Select Pre-Intermediate 1
  • Learn English Select Pre-Intermediate 2
  • Learn English Select Intermediate
  • Learn English Select Upper-Intermediate

 Each level is made up of 40self-study lessons.

Course Period: 10 December- 30 April

The entire course is elaborated and planned by the British Council, according to the British Council’s international standards. 

Requirements for the Registration: 

  • English language knowledge at least A1 level.*
  • Ilia State University’s active mailing address (


The above mentioned English learning course (Learn English Select) is completely independent from academic teaching and is only additional, which excludes credit for passing the course.

The course is available only for those, who were not involved in the platform during 2018/2019 academic year.

The Course is Free!

In case of interest, please register through the link below: 

The number of registered students is limited and the first 50 candidates will be given preference!

Deadline: November 25

If you have questions, please E-mail us: 

*Online Placement Testing will be provided by the British Council to detect the linguistic levels of the participants.

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