Language Expert Leo Kvachadze Awarded the First Title of Doctor Honoris Causa

4On Wednesday, June 3, Ilia Chavchavadze State University hosted an official ceremony of awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa and a scientific session dedicated to Leo Kvachadze.

"The title of Doctor Honoris Causa is not awarded either for old age or a unique biograph", said Professor Gigi Tevzadze, the University Rector. "Mr. Leo Kvachadze was granted the title for his special contribution to the development of Georgian philology. He developed the first system of the syntax of the Georgian language, which was an important step forward in the linguistic study of the Georgian language and perception of the Georgian language as a part of world civilization. The contribution will never fade away; on the contrary as time passes its importance will further grow". Prof. Leo Kvachadze is turning 101 this year.

The conference was addressed by well-known Georgian scientists Zurab Chumburidze, Gucha Kvaratskhelia, Lali Ezughbaia, Guram Kartozia and Otar Kajaia. Eter Soselia, Alexandre Potskhishvili, Vakhtang Imnaishvili, Rusudan 3Asatiani, Marine Ivanishvili, Rusudan Zekalashvili, Ramaz Kurdadze, Tedo Uturgaidze, Shukia Apridonidze delivered speeches on linguistics issues.

After graduating from the university, in 1930 Leo Kvachadze started working as a teacher in Svaneti, then in Tbilisi #55 School. Later he was imprisoned. This was quite a hard period in the scientist\'s life. In 1945, he was enrolled in the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences as a postgraduate student. His major field of study was the methodology of teaching the Georgian language. In 1949, he defended a candidate's thesis and was awarded the title of a candidate of pedagogical sciences. He was granted the title of professor in 1969. Text-books of the Georgian language written by Leo Kvachadze and Akaki Shanidze started to appear in 1964.


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