Jeremy Tasch, Eric Lee and Maya Jaggi to visit the Writers’ House in Tbilisi


Winners of the Writer-in-Residence - a joint program between the Writers’ House of Georgia and the U.S. Embassy in Georgia - are revealed.

Jeremy Tasch, researcher in Eurasian and global studies, Towson University (USA) Department of Geography and Environmental Planning, will visit the Writers’ House of Georgia, with support from the U.S. Embassy. Within the framework of this program, two other researchers from the USA, Eric Lee and Maya Jaggi will visit Tbilisi, with support from Ilia State University. Eric Lee is a researcher of the twentieth century history and an author of numerous articles and books. His works have been published in Georgian by Ziari Press. Maya Jaggi is a freelance journalist who studies cultural issues. In 2021 she curated an online festival of Georgian literature for English speaking countries - Georgia’s Fantastic Tavern - Where Europe Meets Asia.

While residing at the Writers’ House, the researchers will work at the Museum of Repressed Writers and conduct research on archival materials kept in the museum and on unknown life histories of repressed writers.

The first phase of creating the Museum of Repressed Writers has already been completed. With the support of the UNESCO project "Tbilisi - World Book Capital" and the US Embassy, the museum will be completed in the fall of 2022.

The Museum of Repressed Writers, housed in the Writers' House, will immortalize the memories and untold stories of the victims of the Soviet terror. It will tell us about the period, context and mechanisms that the totalitarian system used to “tame the literature”. Visitors of the Museum will realize the dilemma and tragedy of artists in totalitarian regime, the weak line between compromise and collaboration, and the main feature of a regime based on terror - when no one's life and inviolability are guaranteed, despite obedience, or vice versa.

Writers participating in the program will reflect texts collected by the Soviet Past Research Laboratory (SOVLAB) and the team of the Writers’ House at the Museum of Repressed Writers, through their articles and papers which will be published in different print or online platforms in Georgian and English.


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