How innovative products are created- Lecture by David Chechelashvili


On December 13th, ISU visiting lecturer and a pre-acceleration programme mentor- David Chechelashvili delivered a lecture for the teams participating in the Zoomout Pre-Accelerator Programme. 

The lecture title was: ,,How innovative products are created”.

The pre-acceleration programme is delivered in the frames of the British Council’s Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme in collaboration with the UWE Bristol.

The programme is also partnered with the Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) and the US Embassy grant project ,,Paving the Way to Knowledge-based Economy: Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Skills in Georgia”.

Within the 10 week programme, the 9 selected teams will be able to develop their business ideas, create tangible products and enter the market. 

Furthermore, both local and international mentors are involved in the pre-acceleration programme. 

The program is built on the recommendations and syllabus of Europe's most experienced B2B accelerator Startup Wise Guys.

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