Georgian- American Initiative

Joined bachelor program “Free Sciences” of Ilia State University and USA Michigan University along with ISU is implemented with organization “Georgian-American Initiative for Liberal Education”. program is based on the principles of liberal education and always tries to organize other activities  for students besides lectures.  

At present, with professor Manana Anasashvili’s  leadership students played intellectual game “What? Where? When?”. The game was dedicated to the course “19th century novel”; two groups were competing; one group was composed of students who passed this course in 2009 and in 2011 and the second one consisted from the students who finished this course just recently. Questions were prepared by both sides and both groups were answering questions asked by Manana Anasashvili. Most of the questions demanded good knowledge and understanding  of the information about novels and authors thought through the course, there were also such questions that needed general erudition and logical thinking. In the game “What? Where? When?” was won by students from this year. However, second group was also very strong and lost the game with one point only. Both groups acknowledged that game was very productive and interesting, that they deepened their knowledge and will never forget answered questions and most importantly everyone stated that  not winning but the participation was most important. 

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