ASU/Devex Global Hackathon


On 15 and 16 November 2020, for the first time in Georgia, Ilia State University will organize a local hackathon to select student teams that will represent ISU at ASU/Devex Global Hackathon hosted by Arizona State University and Devex.

About the Hackathon
ASU/Devex Global Hackathon, one of the largest hackathons worldwide, calls on thousands of students to address global challenges.
This year, ASU/Devex Global Hackathon offers 5 real-world development challenges that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
University students around the globe have an opportunity to develop ideas, find solutions to the world’s challenges and create sustainable projects through collaboration, the innovative use of technologies and interdisciplinary creativity.    

Students teams selected at local hackathons hosted by individual universities will take part in ASU/Devex Global Hackathon. Each university may nominate only one team in each challenge category to showcase their solutions at the global hackathon.

The Global Hackathon jury, composed of international experts, will select the winning teams according to the following criteria:
Impact and scalability of the proposed solution;
Compatibility of the proposed solution with the technologies and the local context;
Presentation skills

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the hackathon will be held online.

▶️ Who can participate?

ISU students enrolled at any study level who have ideas, knowledge, skills and aspirations.

▶️ What are the challenges?

 Five challenges:

  • Business Transforming Development;
  • Communicating for Impact;
  • Data Revolution
  • Innovation at Scale
  • Future Development Finance

The solutions may involve technical fixes, policy ideas or concepts for social programmes. From the very beginning, the participants should keep in mind the context in which their solution will be carried out.

▶️ Should the participates register individually or as teams?

The participants should register individually. Teams can be made up or members can be added later, before or on the first day of the event. The maximum number of team members is 5.

▶️ Award

ISU will award each winning team a 1500 GEL voucher to be used for their respective needs.

▶️  Is it necessary to speak English?

Yes, the participants should speak English as the winning team will appear at Devex World.

▶️ To register, please follow the link:

Registration deadline: 10 November 2020, 23:59

We wish you success!

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