Argus Mobile Application and Updated Website


We would like to inform you that Argus mobile application has been developed, and the web version for Argus students, along with the teaching staff system, has been updated.

What has changed?

The system’s UI/UX design has been updated, incorporating new functions, and simplifying system navigation.

Important upgrades include improved application speed, synchronization between mobile and web applications, and a customizable notification system. New notifications can be added or edited based on students’ requirements. There will no longer be separate applications for teaching staff and students; both will use the same platform, facilitating future additions and adjustments.

Dashboard page has been added to the website for students and teaching staff, offering convenient access to frequently used information.

Both systems are now adapted to mobile devices, with a focus on user requirements. For example, users can access information on library book checkouts, frequently asked questions, etc. Users can also have the option to choose between dark and light modes.

The beta version of the system can be accessed at

Argus Application

Argus Application is designed to help students easily search for programs and courses, access syllabi and teaching staff information, and register for available courses within their program. Users can update their personal information, send or receive internal messages, submit statements, get notifications about updated information, and stay informed on university news, the academic calendar, assessments, credits, study materials, financial status, library debts, and more. The main page displays all frequently used tools, simplifying navigation without the need for sub-menus.

The application includes all the features available in the web version. Users can customize the system’s design (theme), and configure parameters for receiving notifications such as new messages, the start of lectures, uploading study materials and news updates, etc. In the settings, users can manage email, SMS, or Desktop/Push notifications.

The application is compatible with both Android and IOS systems.

To install the new system, visit the Play Store or App Store and search for Argus LMS, then follow the installation instructions. Alternatively, use the following links:

For reporting technical errors in the beta version, please contact us at Your feedback is crucial in making development decisions.



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