A scientific article was published in a rated journal of Forest and Environmental Science authored by researchers at the Institute of Ecology


Authored by the members of the Ecosystems Research Program team of Ilia State University Institute of Ecology - Zhana Ekhvaia *, Arsena Bakhia, Zezva Asanidze, Tornike Beltadze and Otar Abdaladze - a scientific article was published in the ,,Journal of Forest and Environmental Science’’ (South Korea) - „Linking Leaf Functional Traits with Plant Resource Utilization Strategy in an Evergreen Scrub Species Rhododendron caucasicum Pall. along Longitudinal Gradient in Georgia (The South Caucasus)“.

About the article

The paper shows the connection between the leaf characteristics of the target species and the local climate in the highland distribution area of eastern and western Georgia, using key functional signs. According to the results obtained, all the studied signs exhibit a high level of intraspecific diversity and confirm strong phenotypic differentiation along the East-West gradient. Humidity from climatic factors, namely winter precipitation, the number of dry and rainy days in winter and the vegetation period, have a stronger influence on intraspecific variation than altitude and air temperature. Among the functional features studied, the specific leaf area (SLA) exhibits the highest level of variability, indicating a different strategy of plant resource utilization between East and West populations.

The full version of the paper is available on the link:

Ilia State University congratulates the researchers on their significant success.


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