A Research Article by researchers of the Iliauni Institute of Zoology in top-rated scientific journal


The research article “Species diversity and DNA barcode library of freshwater Molluscs of South Caucasus” by PhD students and researchers - Ani Bikashvili and Nino Kachlishvili, professors - Bela Jafoshvili and Levan Mumladze, of the Institute of Zoology of Ilia State University, was published in the prestigious journal “Biodiversity Data Journal”.

The study is the first attempt to investigate the genetic diversity of South Caucasian freshwater molluscs, which also serves to create a DNA-barcode library.

Results showed that the knowledge about freshwater Molluscs of Caucasus is incomplete. From the studied taxa (33 morpho-species), 60% show variation greater than 2.2%, indicating high genetic variation or cryptic diversity.

Galba schirazensis, a new species for Georgia, was discovered during the research.

The uniqueness and high molecular diversity of the studied species emphasize the need for further intensive morphological and molecular studies of the South Caucasian freshwater molluscan fauna.

Ilia State University congratulates the researchers on their success.


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