8th Sociological Conference, 24- 25 July 2021 Tbilisi /Georgia

Even in the most hypothetical sociological imagination, it would be impossible  to imagine the fundamental changes in the morphology of the social that we witnessed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Protecting ourselves from the invisible virus through social mechanisms has changed not only our daily life and its structure, but also the foundations of the macro scale societal orders. What is the impact of the new emerged normative order from the emergency crisis on the society, its particular groups and individuals? How does it affect people's daily lives, interactions and social practices? What will be the consequences of these changes on the future development of society, solidarity and social cohesion?

The role of the social sciences, including sociology, is unprecedentedly significant in the process of complex analysis of the social consequences of the pandemic. All the more so when these fundamental changes stimulate the start of discussion about a better future, which will largely depend on how critically these challenges will be perceived from both society and citizens, as well as scientists and political actors.

We invite sociologists, young researchers, students from Georgia and around the world for a multifaceted reflection and discussion on the social consequences of the pandemic in all spheres of society. The conference is a unique opportunity for us to share with each other the results of research conducted in an unprecedented, extraordinary period and discuss it from different perspectives.

Conference format

As the global health crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic seems not to be resolved by July, we are pleased to offer a virtual 2021 annual 8th conference, July 24 - 25 via ZOOM. 

Application process:

All interested candidates have to send a short CV and proposal (abstract no more than 300 words) by April  25, 2021 in a form of a single pdf document to

For more information, you can email us at the e-mail address above.


April 25, 2021 

Submission of abstract:

Participants must submit abstracts via e-mail to

The abstract text cannot contain more than 300 words (including references). Abstracts must be submitted in English or Georgian. 

May 16, 2021

Conformation of abstract acceptance via notification letters: 

The notification letters will be sent to authors and co-authors of accepted abstracts, and to authors of rejected abstracts.

About the Annual Sociological Conference

Every other year since 2012 sociologist from Ilia State University organize the Annual Sociological Conference at Ilia State University (ISU). The conference invites sociologist to reflect and discus current challenges in society we are facing locally and globally. Due to the COVID-19, annual conference in 2020 has been cancelled.

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