The list of courses taught in English and German at academic departments available in ISU:

Download the list of Courses 

Before enrolling for courses all incoming students have to be registered at Ilia State University. After the registration proceedings students will be able to receive the access to their personal electronic study records system account which enables them to choose the courses and monitor their grades during the study process.

Students should aim to complete 30 ECTS credits in one semester. One ECTS credit equals 25 hours of work, which includes both lectures and homework. A full year of 60 ECTS credits corresponds to a workload of 1500 hours.

Within one faculty, students can choose courses from several disciplines. Students are also welcome to choose some courses from other faculties, if they meet the requirements for these courses.

Please note, that there may be changes in the course offers due to the fact that some of the courses are available in case of sufficient number of students applied. 

GRADING SYSTEM:                                                        

Ilia State University uses a seven-level grading scale from 0 to 100.

91-100 = excellent or A

81-90 = very good or B

71-80 = good or C

61-70 = satisfactory or D

51-60 = sufficient or E

41-50 = Insufficient/failure with the right to retake the final exam or FX

0-40 = Insufficient/failure without the right to retake the final exam or F         


Ms Maka lortkipanidze

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