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The Visit of Real Betis Representatives to Iliauni


On April 10, representatives from the Spanish football club Real Betis Balompie met with the officials from Iliauni's Futsal team to explore collaboration opportunities between the Georgian and Spanish futsal teams, discuss various projects, and explore the development prospects of the Iliauni team.

The meeting was attended by Juan Parra, the sports director of the Betis Academy, Álvaro César, the head of international projects at Betis, and Giorgi Chanadiri, the founder of the Betis Tbilisi Football Academy, from the Spanish delegation. Representatives from the Iliauni team were Kakha Kapanadze, the president of the futsal team, and Davit Tabagari, the vice-captain of the first team and head coach of the so-called farm club.

Alongside the Real Betis Tbilisi Football Academy, efforts are underway to establish connections between Spanish and Georgian futsal. Georgian futsal players will be scouted in Spain, and training programs for coaches and other developmental activities for Georgian futsal are also being planned.

As a symbolic gesture, the home kit of the Iliauni futsal team was presented to the representatives from Real Betis. This kit will be handed over to the president of the futsal division in Spain.

Since March 2023, Kakha Kapanadze, the president of the Iliauni futsal team, has been the head of the Real Betis Football Academy. In early March 2024, an official visit to the Real Betis base in Seville occurred, marking the beginning of efforts to connect Georgian and Spanish futsal through specific projects. As a result, the Spanish representatives and the heads of the Futsal Club met on March 8 in the Football Federation's conference hall. During the meeting, the teams were briefed on the programs and opportunities available to them with the support of Real Betis.


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